Syntec Sustainability

Committed to Sustainability

Technology has done a huge amount to improve our lives. But if we're not careful, the technology that improves our lives can damage our planet. We believe we can have powerful technology while reducing our impact on the environment and maybe even making it better. Find out more about our sustainable initiatives below.

Our Initiatives

LED Lighting
LED Lighting
We use LED lighting at our offices and install LED lighting for customers. LED lights save 50-70% on power, have a longer lifespan of up to 10 years, making a difference for the environment.
Recycling is extremely important for the health of the environment. We do everything we can to recycle anything used in our business from cardboard to milk cartons to used handheld devices.
Tree Planting
Plant a Tree
We believe it's important to not just reduce our impact on the environment, but to take action to better the planet. That's why we run a tree planting initiative. Click the link below to donate £5 to plant a tree.
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