Mobile Device Management

At Syntechnologies we work with a range of mobile device management services, specialising in the deployment and management of the Soti MobiControl MDM. With our own hosted servers dedicated to Soti MobiControl and expert device staging team we can ship your devices pre-installed with the MDM tool and manage your hardware estate from start to finish.
What is an MDM?
A mobile device management tool hooks into the operating system of your enterprise-grade handset to collect status information or apply user restrictions and security policy to conform to your company standards.
Why use one?
Users get a real-time round up of mobile device assets as soon as the handset is enrolled. Security policies mean you can manage the use of applications and device settings, as well as having a uniform lock screen for all devices in your estate. Cost saving comes with tracking your device locations and health.
Why Soti MobiControl?
Soti MobiControl is one of the leading enterprise grade Mobile Device Management tools, it simplifies the security and management of mobile devices and IoT endpoints for business-critical mobility. Soti MobiControl makes it easy to secure and manage devices and endpoints through the entire lifecycle.

Hassle free service

We have in house MDM hosting and a specialist team of mobile device administrators to ensure the installation and management of your device tools.

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