Structured Data Cabling
Find the right cabling solution for your needs with our data cabling services. We work with cat5e, cat6, cat6a and cat7 data cables, Access Points, Routers and VoIP infrastructure to create powerful and versatile networks.
Fiber optic cabling
Benefit from a faster and safer network with our fiber optic services. Benefit from 31% faster data transfers, improved durability and the elimination of spark related hazards with a fiber optic network.
Structured cabling network design
We are experts in network structured cabling infrastructure design and architecture. After undertaking a full site survey, we select the most suitable equipment and locations onsite for an optimized network.
Structured cabling installation and maintenance
Our team have varied experience in structured cabling installation and fiber optic installation. We maintain and troubleshoot existing networks to improve performance.
Experienced cabling engineers
You’re in safe hands with Syntec. With over 10 years of experience in data cable wiring and several years with fiber optic wire, our engineers have the knowledge and expertise to implement highly technical and large-scale cabling projects.
Specialised solutions for structured cabling
School and University campuses, warehouses and factories, retail stores, hotels and apartment buildings, data center cabling – no matter what the project, we provide a solution.
  • Specialised solutions for structured cabling
    The importance of a reliable, fast and well-configured structured cabling system cannot be understated for businesses of today. As demands for faster media transfer over networks increase, the significance of your data cabling performance is drastically amplified. Our team of engineers at Syntec are specialists in the design, implementation and maintenance of cabling installation.

    With years of experience behind us, our specialists are able to offer many types of cabling installations for almost any environment. We have designed, implemented and continue to support cabling systems for many clients and cater to the specific needs of your project.

  • Fiber Optic
    Increasing demand for high speed connectivity has led to businesses requiring an infrastructure that can both meet current demand and support scalability. The solution for businesses, landlords and property owners alike is fiber optic internet.

    Whilst previously almost double the cost of traditional copper cables, fibre optics are increasingly becoming more cost effective. Once additional costs to basic copper cabling such as shielding and specialised enclosures are factored in, the difference in cost between copper and fibre is significantly reduced.

    Our expert engineers are experienced in with both single mode and multimode fiber optic cables. We utilise the best and most current practices to guarantee optimal performance from cabling infrastructure.

  • Network Design
    We are specialists in the design and implementation of network infrastructure. With over 10 years experience in industry we can deliver professional and effective network solutions to clients across various industries.

    We undertake a comprehensive design of your network prior to deployment, using logical maps of the infrastructure design, cabling structure and architecture. We can quickly quote to you the quantity, type and location of requred networking devices.

    Based on the layout and infrastructure of your site we can provide optimal placement recommendations for your chosen hardware. We can undertake a full site survey at your location to plan out the most efficent network design for your business.

  • Installation and Maintenance
    Following a comprehensive network design, our team prepare to install the network. They have a wide range of experience installing both copper structured cabling networks and fiber optic networks. We have installed networks for large retail stores, hotels, warehouses, factories, data centers and more. Our clients have learned to rely our efficiency, reliability and quality.

    We maintain and support existing networks. Without regular maintenance, cabling networks are vulnerable to wear and tear and other problems. With regular check-ups, we make sure your network is functioning smoothly and is free from problems, which improves the performance and safety of your network.

    Your structured cabling network is a big investment in your business. That’s why it’s best to work with proven professionals. For all your structured cabling installation and maintenance solutions, we have you covered.

  • Experienced Engineers
    Designing, installing and maintaining a fast, cost-effective and reliable structured cabling network requires a great depth of knowledge and experience. Small problems can easily compromise an otherwise reliable cabling network. You need a team that can identify and solve problems before they slow your business down.

    With Syntec, you know you’re working with a team of professionals with a high level of knowledge and experience. Our team at Syntec have more than 10 years of experience working with structured cabling networks. More importantly, we have dozens of happy customers with high quality structured cabling and fiber optic networks made by us.

    You’ll find that our engineers are not only great at their job—they love it too. We are known for our positivity and friendliness. It’s not just another day at work for us, it’s another chance to make something great for our amazing clients.

  • Specialised Solutions
    Structured cabling networks come in many shapes and sizes. Every sector and every project has unique needs and challenges. Our team have worked on a projects ranging from small office networks to large retail stores and factories.

    We have the skills and versatility to install networks for schools, colleges and universities, which pose a challenge by their size alone. When it comes to offices, we can install new networks in both large and small commercial environments. We have a wide range of knowledge and experience installing networks for hotels and retail stores.

    We specialize particularly in warehouses and factory environments. We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to install a fast and reliable cabling network in any environment needed. We’d be happy to chat with you to discuss your project further.

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Your business needs a fast, reliable and cost-effective structured cabling network. Designing, installing and maintaining a structured cabling network requires technical expertise and experience.

That’s where we come in. We provide powerful, reliable and innovative structured cabling solutions for businesses in all verticals. Our Engineers have years of experience setting up and maintaining large scale cabling networks. Speak to our specialists today.

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