Android Migration

With the shift in industry standards towards Android but over 15 million enterprise devices still currently dependent on Windows legacy operating systems, migrating software packages is commonplace for the Auto ID industry. Syntechnologies specialise in migrating existing software from Windows CE and Mobile to Android.

CE & Mobile

With Microsoft winding down support for its mobile operating systems and many enterprise hardware vendors ending production of Windows based devices, migration is a very real task which Syntechnologies can assist clients with.


When migrating your software you can choose to stay with Windows, moving to the newer Windows Mobile or move over to Android. A Windows to Windows transition will still require a complete software rebuild, most enterprises are choosing to opt for Android.

With many of our regular clients having already taken the leap to migrate their software with us, we are experienced in the industry specific security and functionality issues in migrating to Android migration.

How it works

Working with you, the valued customer, to define your hardware estates' current operating system and the needs of migrating to an Android device.
We work closely with the customer to create a software piece that has improvements in performance and visuals whilst retaining the familiarity of the original Windows application.
Our skilled team create Android builds of your Windows CE and Mobile software packages conforming to industry standards, taking device specifics and security into account at every stage of the development process.
Testing & Launch
We support the real world testing and implimentation of your migrated Android software. We can also offer support and aftercare for all of the devices in your estate, Android and Windows.

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