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With the rise of eCommerce, businesses must adapt to improve the efficiency of their operations. Making full use of new technology is vital to making this strategy pay off. Zebra understands the importance of staying current with the latest technology, which is why they just launched the TC52X/TC57X Mobile Computer Series, the first in its class running Android 10. For businesses looking for a performance edge, the TC52X, for inside the four walls and the TC57X for field service, are both a great choice. They are especially well suited to retail, delivery, government and public safety applications.

Advanced Features

This new mobile computer range comes with Zebra’s highly useful Mobility DNA range of software, including StageNow for easy setup, Enterprise Home Screen to tie the device to enterprise uses and much more. PTT express enables instant voice communication over Wi-Fi, with Workforce Connect as an option to use the TC52X/TC57X as a Pbx phone.

Android 10 gives users a fast and familiar experience, greatly reducing the need for training. It is future proof, with OS updates guaranteed until at least Android 11. It is Android Enterprise recommended, meaning OS and security updates are guaranteed and the hardware meets Google’s standards for the enterprise environment. The 2.45 GHz processor offers the power to run any software with ease. Bluetooth 5.0 BLE enables 2x the speed and 4x the range, opening possibilities for location technology and all devices come with a Bluetooth beacon, making them easier to find when misplaced.

Enterprise Reliability

High performance devices often bring a higher price tag initially, but justify their cost over time through improved efficiency and reliability. The TC52X/TC57X will enable your staff to operate efficiently and ensure your hardware rarely breaks. It comes with IP65 and IP68 protection, meaning that even complete submersion in water won’t stop it from operating. It can handle 1.2 m drops to concrete and 1.8 m drops with the rugged boot. The 5” full HD screen is made from scratch and shatter resistant Gorilla Glass, protecting the most vulnerable part of the device.

The battery offers 14 hours of operating, ensuring it can last through any shift. If that still isn’t enough battery life, you can replace the battery using the 120 second warm battery swap feature. Despite being a highly rugged and reliable device, it only weighs 249 grams, making it easy for workers to use, even on longer shifts. For scanning, it comes with the high performance SE4720 imager.

Wide Range of Accessories

When it comes to accessories, you’re covered. The TC52X/TC57X are compatible with all TC52/TC57 accessories, making it easy to upgrade to the latest hardware. They also come with a range of new accessories, including support for the HD4000 display, making hands-free working possible.

The TC52X/TC57X series are some of the highest performance and up-to-date devices available. Click the link below for more information and pricing on the TC52X/TC57X series mobile computer.

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