Retail Worker Holding the Zebra TC21/TC26

For workers in retail, manufacturing, healthcare and delivery, there is often a need for an enterprise Android device. But for many applications, users don’t need all the features offered by high performance rugged mobile computers. To save costs, many businesses use smartphones, which are cheaper but can break easily and don’t have the same features and accessories demanded by an enterprise environment. That’s why Zebra made the TC21/TC26 Touch Computer series, with the TC21 for inside the four walls and the TC26 for field service applications. These rugged touch computers offer the ruggedness and features of an enterprise device while being price competitive with consumer smartphones.

Powerful Enterprise Features

The TC21/TC26 is a rugged touch computer that is ready for the future. All units come shipped with Android 10, making the interface familiar to users and future proofing your hardware for years to come. It also comes with Zebra’s range of mobility DNA apps. WorryFree Wi-Fi improves performance while StageNow makes configuring devices effortless and the Zebra Datawedge enables apps to access the built-in barcode scanner with no need for extra development.

The devices have all the connectivity options you need – Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth and NFC. Zebra designed the TC21/TC26 with communication in mind, such as the 5MP front camera for video calling. The devices come with PTT express, enabling walkie talkie type communication between Zebra devices over Wi-Fi. By upgrading to Workforce Connect, the device can be turned into a fully functional Pbx handset.

A major advantage over a smartphone is the accessories available. The TC21/TC26 come with a full range of enterprise accessories such as replaceable batteries, cradles or a gun grip. For those looking for a wearable option, a wrist mount is available and can provide a full wearable solution when paired with the RS5100 ring scanner.

Rugged and Reliable

The TC21/TC26 is built for rugged operation. It provides complete protection against 1.2 m drops and IP67 sealing. Despite being rugged, it is lightweight and at only 236 grams and designed to be easy to use with one-handed operation. The large 5” HD display is also rugged, being made from Corning Gorilla Glass, as is the imager window. It can easily run a full shift without the need to recharge with up to 10 hours of operation with the standard battery (3100 mAh) and 14 hours with the extended battery (5400 mAh). Your investment is protected over time, as Zebra’s Lifeguard Security updates provides 6 years of patches to protect your devices and your data around the clock.

Competitively Priced

With all of these impressive features, the TC21/TC26 are very competitively priced. Zebra offered the most options in its class with this device so you don’t pay for what you don’t need. For instance, you can choose between the high performance SE4700 imager, the standard SE4100 imager or no imager, depending on budget. It is a great option to fit in as a budget option with an estate of other Zebra devices, as it is compatible with the same software as the TC52/TC57, TC77, MC9300 and others.

If you’re looking for a high quality but budget conscious enterprise touch computer, the TC21/TC26 is for you. Click the link below to contact us for more information and pricing on the Zebra TC21/TC26.

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