Zebra MC2200 and MC2700

Finding the right balance between consumer style convenience and enterprise capabilities is a challenge. Many users want a large touchscreen, the newest version of Android and an affordable price tag and 4G connectivity. But for many, having a rugged device with a keyboard and gun grip is also important. Zebra has combined the best of both worlds with the new MC2200 and MC2700 Mobile Computers. It offers the benefits of the hugely popular MC3300 series while running Android 10, upgradeable to Android 11 and being lighter and cheaper than the MC3300.

Target Markets

The MC2700 is Zebra’s first Android terminal with a keyboard and cellular technology. This makes it ideal for situations where a rugged device with a keyboard is necessary but where it is too difficult or expensive to deploy WiFi. This makes it a great choice for docks, ports and yards for tasks such as gate management, inventory and asset tracking and safety and asset inspections. It is also well suited for Field Service and Transport and Logistics.

The MC2200 has high performance WiFi but no cellular connection, making it suitable for applications where there is reliable and fast WiFi connectivity. These include warehousing, manufacturing and retail for tasks such as picking, packing, shipping, receiving, inventory management, work-in-process and quality control.

Advanced Ergonomics

The MC2200 and MC2700 are designed to be easy to use. They are both lightweight at 296 grams with the standard battery and 316 grams with the extended battery. With a slim, tapered handle, it’s easy for anyone to hold and operate with one hand.

Form factor

The MC2200 and MC2700 come are not only comfortable to use, but also come in an ideal form factor for warehousing needs. The 34-key keypad makes for fast and accurate data entry, even with gloves, and leaves the 4” display uncluttered by virtual keyboards. It is easy to transform it from a brick style device to a gun style device using the snap on trigger handle. The comprehensive suite of accessories, including multiple cradle options, extends this device’s versatility.

Mobility DNA

These devices come with Mobility DNA Professional pre-installed, with an affordable upgrade to Mobility DNA Enterprise available. Zebra’s all-touch terminal emulation software makes it easy to convert green screen WMS applications into an easy to use graphical user interface. Zebra’s Enterprise Browser also enables the easy creation of secure web applications.

Other Features

We’ve seen what makes the MC2200 and MC2700 unique but it also covers all of the requirements you would expect from a rugged handheld. It has a drop spec of 1.52 m with IP65 sealing and a Corning® Gorilla® Glass screen. It has Zebra’s SE4100 2D imager. It also runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 660 octa-core, 1.8 GHz CPU.

It has the ruggedness, reliability and usability you need and all at an affordable price. Contact our team today to request a demo unit and pricing.

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