Zebra EC50/EC5

Mobile devices are key to driving worker productivity, especially in the remote working era of COVID-19. Workers want a device that is portable and easy to use and businesses want a device that is sturdy and reliable, offering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The new Zebra EC50/EC55 Series Mobile computer offers these benefits. It’s a slim, light, pocketable mobile computer that workers will love, that has all the features enterprise applications need. The EC50 is WiFi only, making it a great choice for Retail, Hospitality and Ancillary Healthcare, such as patient transportation or meal delivery. The EC55 has cellular connectivity, making it a great choice for Courier and Delivery applications, as well as Mobile Sales.

Slim, Portable and Easy-to-Use

One of the key benefits of the EC50 and EC55 is how slim and portable it is compared to other enterprise mobile computers. It weighs only 173g and has a slim 9.6mm profile, making it easy to handle and keep in your pocket.

Workers will also love the Android 10 OS, which will make the user interface familiar to many workers, reducing the need for training. The 5” screen is bright and easy to read, making it a pleasure to use. Workers will also love the 10-hour or 13-hour battery life with the standard and extended batteries.

Good Return on Investment

Getting a good return on investment is essential when buying enterprise mobile devices. The key to getting a good return is to consider the TCO, not just the sale price. While consumer devices often have a lower cost price, the EC50/EC55 actually offers a TCO about half as low as consumer smartphones on average. Consumer devices are typically on sale for 18 months, but the EC50/EC55 is guaranteed to be sold for 4 years and will have hardware and software support available for an additional 4 years after that date, protecting your investment for 8 years.

The ruggedness and reliability of the EC50/EC55 is also a huge factor in its favour, with IP67 sealing protecting against submersion in 1m water and protection from 1.2m drops to concrete. This results in fewer broken devices and less money spent on repairs and downtime. To prevent against any repair costs, Zebra’s industry-leading OneCare™ support contracts ensure you’ll have your devices repaired quickly at an affordable fixed price.

Versatile features

If you’re looking for a versatile device for your workers, the EC50/EC55 is the device for you. It can transform to a fully functioning workstation, able to connect to a monitor, keyboard and ethernet through the docking station. Cradles are available in 1-slot, 4-slot and 5-slot configurations, along with a vehicle holder and a trigger handle for scan-intensive applications. It has optional built-in enterprise scanning with a high-performance omnidirectional 2D imager, making it easy to scan even dirty or damaged barcodes.

The EC50/EC55 is a versatile communication tool with Workforce connect. PTT Express comes free with the device, enabling you to use it as a 2-way radio over WiFi. Workforce Connect PTT Pro can be used over cellular and Workforce Connect voice transforms your device into a fully functional PBX handset. Zebra has invested more than $300 million in their full suite of Mobility DNA apps available on the EC50/EC55, improving WiFi performance, staging, battery performance, barcode scanning and more. It has all the connectivity options you need with WiFi, cellular, NFC and Bluetooth 5.0, which has twice the speed and four times the range of Bluetooth 4.2.

If your business is looking for slim, portable Android device that has the ruggedness and reliability you need in an enterprise environment, the EC50/EC55 Series may be exactly what you need. Contact our team at the link below for more information, pricing, or a demo of the Zebra EC50 or EC55.

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