Choosing the right barcode device for warehousing is difficult task. You need a device that is rugged and powerful with a high-performance scan engine. Many warehouse managers prefer devices with physical keypads and refrigerated storage requires devices that can withstand subzero temperatures. You need all these requirements while being price conscious. One new mobile computer provides all the requirements for the warehouse: the M3 Mobile UL20.


The UL20 offers top-level performance for a warehouse mobile computer. It runs Android 8.1, making it compatible with the latest enterprise software. Its 2.2 GHz Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM makes running a Warehouse Management System smooth and seamless.


The UL20 very simple and easy to use. It runs on the popular Android operating system, with a large, 5” screen. A 35-key physical keypad means that the entire screen is saved for running apps and also makes operation with gloves much easier. The scan engine is angled down 25 degrees, making aiming much easier.


Ruggedness and reliability is essential for an enterprise handheld device. The UL20 can withstand 2.0 m drops, making it suitable for tough working environments. It is also IP67 sealed against water and dust. It will easily last a full shift with a 6,700 mAh battery.


Barcode scanning performance is essential for warehouse management. The UL20 has a powerful and reliable 2D imager. It also offers long-range scanning with a 21.4 m range, which reduces walk time and improves efficiency.


The UL20 is ideal for refrigerated storage. The freezer model enables the UL20 to operate in temperatures as low as -30° C for a full workday.

When it comes to the performance and reliability needed for warehouse management, the UL20 is more than equal to the task. Compared to other high-performance mobile computers for the warehouse, it is also very competitive on price. Contact our team today to request more information and pricing.

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