UL20 Trade In Program

Syntec are running a special trade in promotion in partnership with M3 Mobile. The UL20 Barcode Terminal is a high-performance scanner for the warehouse with powerful features, such as 4G LTE, a 5” screen, a keypad with up to 53 keys and long-range scanning. If you’re ready to upgrade your old kit, you can get a special discount on the M3 Mobile UL20.

The UL20 is Android Enterprise Recommended, ensuring good quality hardware and operating system and security updates. Its special strength is where a rugged device with long range scanning and is required but having Wi-Fi connection isn’t possible. With outdoor, industrial environments, such as docks and shipping yards, Wi-Fi is very expensive and sometimes not possible. The UL20 has cellular 4G connection. The long-range scanner and gun grip with a large screen make it ideal for the industrial applications.

With the new trade in program, that lasts until the end of the year, you can trade in any mobile device from any brand and receive a special discount on any variation of the UL20.

A variety of discount levels are available, depending on the size of the trade in. Contact our team or your account manager for information and pricing on your trade in opportunity.

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