In 2018/19 Denso RFID Solutions have been implemented throughout the warehouses and stores of a multi-national fashion chain. Implementing RFID at the checkout and within the warehouse has resulted in time savings, increased sales and improved accuracy. From humble beginnings in 1984, the retailer has aspired towards excellence in quality, design and technology and is leading the way.

What RFID Product did they select for POS?

The Denso UR21 RFID Table Top Reader was selected for all stores around the World after extensive tests and trials. The Denso reader is positioned at the POS and is ultra-thin in design.

The UR21 RFID table scanner means there is no need to read each RF tag manually. Before using a table scanner, all items were scanned one at a time. With the UR21, all the cashier has to do is lay the products on the counter, which saves the retailer time and labour.

Over 550 Denso UR21 RFID Readers have currently been installed within the stores across the UK & Europe
Benefits of the Denso UR21 Table-top RFID Reader
  • The UR21 has a thin antenna which avoids the problem of finding an installation location
  • Antibacterial case remains in a clean condition
  • The communication range can be adjusted to ensure only items on the counter are read
  • OPOS driver helps users connect the table scanner directly to a POS register

What Denso RFID Handheld Device did they select for their Stock Management?

Accuracy has been enhanced at the retail chain and working hours reduced by 90% or more with the BHT-1281QULWB-CE RFID handheld terminal.

The Enterprise class BHT-1281 Handheld RFID mobile reader from Denso has a scanning distance of 5 metres. The key features of the reader include:

  • Pistol grip for ease of use
  • Drop tested 30 times from 1.2m to concrete
  • 5 inch large display

The exact model that was chosen was the Denso BHT-1281QULWB-CE (Part Number 104969-2290).

Over 250 Denso RFID handheld devices are now in operation at the retailer within the UK. If you’re interested in how Denso RFID technology can improve your business, contact one of our RFID specialists today.

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