When it comes to retail stores, warehouses, hospitals and couriers, you want a handheld device that is usable, powerful and rugged. Casio are renowned for high-quality and durable devices and their newest offering brings the same durability to the table along with a range of cutting-edge new features. Introducing the Casio ET-L10, the stylish, rugged mobile computer for today’s fast paced business environment.


Staff will find the ET-L10 intuitive and easy-to-use, since it runs on Android 9, one of the fastest, most up-to-date and easy to use mobile computers there is. A lack of processing speed will not slow you down as the ET-L10 has a 1.8 GHz octa-core processer with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.

The device comes with an ultra-large, 5.7-inch HD screen, making applications highly visible and clear for the user. A brightness adjustable LED light makes it ideal for working in low light environments. A fingerprint sensor improves security and the 13 MP camera is ideal for inspections and reporting.

The ET-L10 can easily be used for a full shift, with a high-capacity 4,000 mAh battery and a lightweight (240 g) and ergonomic build.


Fast and reliable scanning is a mission-critical element of an enterprise mobile computer. The ET-L10 delivers where it counts with a highly versatile C-MOS 1D and 2D imager. It can scan faded, obscured, damaged or soiled barcodes with ease, meaning fewer mistakes and less time wasted.


The ET-L10 offers a full range of connectivity options. It is compatible with five different Wi-Fi standards, including the ultra-fast 802.11ac standard. It even comes with RTT indoor positioning technology through Wi-Fi. It has a built-in NFC reader and can pair with devices via Bluetooth 5.0 LE.


Ruggedness and durability is essential in enterprise handhelds, to prevent losing time and money from device downtime. The ET-L10 has this essential aspect covered, with 1.5 m drop protection and IP65 sealing from water and dust. It is also chemical resistant and has been tested to withstand 75% rubbing alcohol. The device comes with a complimentary wrist strap and screen protector, further reducing the likelihood of drops and damage to the device.

If you are looking for a versatile, stylish and durable new mobile computer, the Casio ET-L10 is right for you. Click the link below for more information and pricing.

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