A new frontier is opening in barcode scanning technology. Unitech has pioneered wearable scanning technology, enabling users to scan and process barcodes while leaving both hands free for work. This technology has the potential to improve productivity in retail, logistics, field service and hospitality.

Top Benefits

1. Improved Efficiency

Having wearable scanning technology saves employee time in stock-tacking and other scanning activities.

2. Increased versatility

Standard scanners and terminals keep one or more hands occupied. With wearable technology, the user still has both hands free, enabling him or her to do more complex tasks while still having the scanner available.

3. Enhanced safety

Workers have both hands free, making accidents less likely.

Top Products

MS652 Wearable Scanner

When it comes to wearable scanners, the Unitech MS652 provides everything you need. Its varied features include scanning ability for 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It has changeable and rechargeable batteries making for battery life of up to 13 hours.

WD100 Wearable Computer

With close integration with the MS652, the WD100 wearable computer provides a completely hands-free scanning system. It has a 4” HD, glove-compatible touch screen, as well as an 8MP camera for data capture.


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