One of the biggest costs associated with a stocktaking system is software. Warehouse management software can cost thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, with upgrades, support and maintenance on top of that. While enterprise software has many advantages, one alternative is Opticon’s drag and drop Application Builder.

The app builder allows users to create their own stocktaking app for the Opticon OPH-1005 and OPH-3001 handheld devices. The app builder comes with stock tracking templates that can be customized according to your needs by customizing the screens, fields, text and adding images. It is easy to use for non-developers, with a drag and drop interface. A demo version is available for free, so you can design and test your app before buying anything. The software comes with a built-in device emulator so you can simulate using your software while you’re designing it.

You can build and test your app for free. When you’re happy with it, the only cost is one-time license per device. Download your free demo copy of the Opticon App builder today.

The app builder works with the OPH-1005 and the OPH-3001 handheld devices. The OPH-1005 is a compact, lightweight and simple data collector. It gives you everything you need to count stock and nothing you don’t. Because of this, it is far less costly than other competitors, while still being rugged and reliable. It also works offline, making it ideal for situations where Wi-Fi is not available. Swarovski chose the OPH-1005 for all its UK and Ireland stores because of its light weight at 140 g, compact build and easy to use interface.

The OPH-3001 is a durable, ergonomic and affordable handheld device, much like the OPH-1005. It has a sleek design, intuitive 22-key keypad and integrated laser barcode scanner. The OPH-3001 allows charging and communication through a mini-USB cable, whereas the OPH-1005 requires a cradle.



If you’re looking for a simple, cost-effective and practical stocktaking solution, the Opticon App builder and data collectors are for you. Click the button below to contact our team for more information and pricing on the Opticon App builder, OPH-1005 and OPH-3001.

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