Casio IT-G600 and IT-G650

At Syntec, we work with a variety of Ruggedised Android Manufacturers. If you are specifically looking for a device with a keyboard, take a look at the NEW Casio ITG-600.

There are 2 versions of this device, the ITG-600 with a 10-key keypad and the ITG-650 with function keys.

You can use gloves with the capacitive screen on this Ruggedised Android Handheld device with keyboard. Both models offer a powerful 2.2 GHz processor, Android 9 and a rugged build.

The large display (4.7” on the IT-G600 and 5.5” on the IT-G650) and the ergonomic shape make it a breeze to hold and use while working. Both are rugged and reliable with an IP67 rating. The IT-G600 has 1.5 m drop protection and the IT-G650 has 1.8 m drop protection, making them suitable for warehouse environments.

The Casio IT-G600 and IT-G650 are great options for a rugged Android handheld terminal, with or without a keypad. Request a demo unit and pricing today.

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