WiFi Surveys

What is a WiFi survey?

A WiFi site survey is an important stage of planning, designing and implementing a new wireless network. Numerous factors affect your WiFi network and its performance capabilities so the WiFi site survey is crucial to ensure your network provides maximum coverage, throughput and performance for your business operations.

Why should I have a Site Survey?

Our Engineers are equipped with all the industry leading tools as well as years of experience of designing and deploying WiFi systems into all verticals and environments. Along with the coverage and throughput part of the survey its important to utilise spectrum analysis technology allowing engineers to identify any areas of interference and potential disruptions which could affect the WiFi performance. Upon completion of the survey our engineers produce a full detailed report outlining the WiFi design, impacting factors and recommendations to deploy the most optimised WiFi network for your environment and operation.

Types of Survey Services

Predictive WiFi Site Survey

Predictive surveys create a virtual survey of the required coverage area based on a detailed floor plan and programable variables such as building materials, rooms size etc. This process allows for an initial project scope to be created and budgets formed without any initial site visits. As this process is virtual no external factors can be considered such as interference etc.

On Site Pre Deployment WiFi Survey

An onsite survey is a two part process and starts with an experienced Syntec engineer visiting your site to perform the physical survey. This is a manual process that consists of the temporary placement of survey access points so detailed measurements can be taken and mapped within the Airmagnet software. This continues across the site until complete with AP locations documented and photographs taken along the way. Once complete the results are compiled/merged to give the complete coverage Heatmap and associated data such as channel overlap, neighbouring AP’s, sources of interference. Once all the onsite data has been gathered the engineer will start the second part of the process which is documenting the results giving you a comprehensive report detailing the WiFi design and environmental factors to consider. The report is also designed to be handed to an installation team with detailed AP locations and orientations along with pictures of the AP mountings to ensure the install team can deploy the AP’s with the confidence of producing the most optimised WiFi network. SynTec also offer a full structured cabling service specialising on AP deployment.

Post deployment Troubleshooting Wireless Site Survey

SynTec doesn’t just focus on new deployments, all of our experience and industry knowledge can be applied to existing deployments that may not be performing as expected, have coverage black spots and all round poor user experience. Our engineers will start with a full AirMagnet survey to gather a full picture of the deployment, this will quickly identify interference or coverage issue areas. As WiFi overlays wired switching networks the issues are not always with the WiFi network so we go beyond the WiFi deployment to test the supporting services and run tests to and from those services to help pinpoint sources of issues.

Benefits of Site Survey

Extensive experience in performing wireless surveys

We are able to produce full network designs, from site auditing and networking analysis, to wide-scale implementation of 802.11 WLAN networks capable of handling any organisation’s needs. A wireless site survey allows us to identify any key issues within the network, including sources of interference or potential obstacles and propose effective solutions to better optimise the infrastructure.
Coverage Guarantee
No matter how complex a location or project is, we can guarantee a network coverage to pre-determined signal levels to ensure adequate coverage and capacity. Our team are able to offer full consultancy, including guidance on how improvements to existing infrastructure to optimise the network signal quality and capacity.
Network Optimisation
A host of variables come into play when looking into the optimisation of a network. This includes construction materials that may act as obstacles, existing infrastructure that is not utilised to full potential or to an adequete requirement of the network.
Our Approach
Our services include a full scope approach, starting with an extensive site audit and consultancy. This allows our team of expert engineers to create any diagnostic reports regarding the existing network traffic, the compatibility and suitability of existing network infrastructure and any key considerations for optimisation.
Detailed Work
Within the site survey our engineers will identify and examine existing infrastructure and determine its suitability for scalability and adequate function. We work closely with our clients to gain further insight into the priority of the network capacity, allowing us to design a bespoke network that caters to specific needs.

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