Zebra L10 Series Rugged Tablets

The L10 Series are premium rugged tablets for extreme environments. With three different form factors, the L10 is suited to every situation. Everything about them from the processing power, to the ruggedness, battery life and operating system is designed to be high spec. For oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, warehousing and the military, these tablets represent powerful and reliable workhorses.




The L10 series comes in three different form factors, suiting it to every situation. The CPU and Operating system on each device is the same and they come with shared accessories, which makes them highly interchangeable.



The XPAD comes with a built-in handle.


The XBOOK comes with a built-in keyboard, making it suitable as an ultra rugged laptop replacement.



The XSLATE comes with a traditional tablet form factor.

AER Certified

The Zebra L10 Tablet Platform has earned the prestigious Android Enterprise Recommended certification. This guarantees that it meets Google’s quality requirements for a rugged device and provides regular Operating System and Security Updates.

Raw Power

The L10 Tablet Platform comes with an octa-core 2.2 GHz CPU  and 4 GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of flash memory, providing more than enough speed and storage capacity.

Rugged Build

The L10 is built from a lightweight Magnesium frame that is stronger than steel. It is tested to a military grade with the MIL-STD-810G certification and can withstand drops of 1.2 meters to concrete. It is also IP65 sealed against water and sand and tested to withstand blowing dust, vibration, shock and high altitude.

Android and Windows

The L10 Tablet Platform can come with either Windows 10 or Android 8.1, providing you with the most flexibility possible.

All-Day Battery

Battery life is no problem for the L10 Series Tablets. With the extended battery, they can last at least 24 hours of continuous operation. 

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