Unitech RP100

Want to speed up your stocktaking and inventory process? The Unitech RP100 RFID sled is for you. With up to 600 scans per second, you can rapidly track the tags on your stock, saving time and money. It has unmatched versatility with optional 1D and 2D scanning capabilities. Best paired with the Unitech EA500/502.



Inventory management in retail and warehousing is increasingly relying on RFID technology to speed up tracking. Instead of manually checking each item, RFID reading enables the user to track literally hundreds of items at once. The RP100 includes a holder designed for the EA500/502, which quickly and easily connect. The RP100 dramatically cuts down on the time taken for inventory and stock management.


The RP100 is best paired with the Unitech EA500 and 502.


UNITECH EA500                           UNITECH EA502



  • Optional scanning
  • 5-meter range
  • Circular or directional antenna
  • 600 tags per second
  • 5200 mAh rechargeable Li-ION battery




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