Unitech MS120 Wand Scanner

The MS120 is built of stainless steel yet still lightweight (polished and smooth sapphire tip). Its cable has been carefully designed with strain relief making them well suitable for any heavy duty application.


Great Value
The MS120 is simply a smart choice for applications that are not scan intensive. An extremely cost-effective solution, the MS120 offers even more value than your average wand barcode scanner with its replaceable tip. If the MS120 tip is ever damaged, it is easily replaced. No need to buy an entire new unit, or send one in for repair.

Easy 1D Scanning
With the MS120 you’ll get seamless, easy barcode scanning. This wand barcode scanner reads any linear barcode (1D), even those damaged or faded.

With two interface options (including the rare laser emulation interface), you’ll enjoy easy plug-and-play functionality and start streamlining your data collection immediately.

Once you glide the MS120 across a barcode (right to left, or left to right), you’ll hear a confirmation beep indicating a successful read.

Enjoy the simplest, most straightforward barcode scanning experience available.

Rugged Stainless Steel
The MS120 is built to last. The elegant stainless steel withstands repeated 5-foot falls to concrete and is extremely easy to wipe down and clean. This makes the MS120 ideal for messier, more hazardous environments.

As a wand barcode scanner, its lack of moveable parts makes it particularly sturdy and rugged. The MS120 is an investment you can count on.

• Reads all common 1D barcodes
• Replaceable tip
• Stainless steel
• Keyboard Wedge (PS/2) and Laser Emulation
• Plug and Play
• Warranty: 1 year

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