Unitech DuraReader

Scans bar codes.
The DuraReader scans bar codes printed on paper, card
stock, or plastic. An infrared option is available for
security-based applications, where bar codes are overprinted
to prevent duplication.
Reads magnetic stripes.


Main Features:
• Dual reading heads for mag. stripe and
barcode label on each site.
• Weather proof and low temperature
operating design at -35° C.
• Die-cast metal base, stainless steel
wearplate and impact-resistance
• Conforms to ISO 7811 standards.
• Available with TTL, PC keyboard wedge
and RS232 interface.
• Supports data editing via keyboard or
Windows-based utility.
• Bi-directional read capability.
• Read single, dual or triple track cards.
• Provides feedback by LED and buzzer

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