Toshiba BA410 Label Printer

The Toshiba BA410 is a highly robust and versatile mid-range label printer by Toshiba. It comes in a sturdy metal case, ideal for tough manufacturing environments. If you’re looking for a reliable, long-lasting, fast and connected label printer, look no further than the BA410.




Toshiba printers are known to last for years without needing repairs. They come with a 2-year warranty and Toshiba supports all printers for 7 years after they are discontinued. With a black metal case, the BA410 is tough and suited to manufacturing and warehouse environments.


The BA410 has high performance printing, with a print speed of 8 inches per second. It has interchangeable print heads with a resolution of 203 dpi or 300 dpi. It also has printer emulation for multiple print languages, making it easy to switch from another printer manufacturer.


The BA410 runs on a new operating system, enabling more processing power. You can print and change settings via an iOS and Android app and it ships with BarTender ultra-lite printing software. SDKs are also available.


The BA410 connects via dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and wireless LAN.


The BA410 comes with optional UHF RFID encoding.

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