Denso SP1 Series RFID Sled

World-Leading Scanning Performance

Introducing the DENSO SP1 Series RFID sled. Take RFID scanning to the next level with world-leading scanning performance of 700 tags a second and an 8-meter scanning distance.


Cut your stocktaking time by up to 50% compared to previous models.

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Easy Connection with Host Device

To connect with a host device by Bluetooth, simply scan a QR code.

Built-in Memory

The scanner has a memory function that will save your information if the pairing is broken.

Ordinary devices do not store data. If the Bluetooth connection is lost during use, the scanned data may get lost. The SP1 stores up to 80,000 tags and 1,000 barcodes in its built-in memory so the unsent data can easily retransmit. – Viv Bradshaw, Technology Consultant
Comfortable Long-Term Working

The SP1 series is lightweight and ergonomically designed for comfort. It reads 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. The SP1 quickly and easily connects with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.





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