Opticon NLV-5201 Stationary Scanner

Following in the tradition of Opticon’s stationary scanner line up, the NLV-5201 goes even further.  It has new function buttons, improved speed and better scanning of poorly printed barcodes. It can be used as part of a larger product or by itself.



Custom configuration

The NLV-5201 has several function buttons, enabling the user to easily change the configurations. This makes it more effective as a standalone scanner.



The scanning capability is improved. Its 2D imager sensor detects barcodes at 100 frames a second. It has improved motion tolerance, making it ideal for moving applications, such as conveyor belts. The new scan engine also improves its capabilities at scanning curved, wide and damaged barcodes.



This scanner can easily standalone. It has a stronger, more durable casing than previous models and is also IP65 sealed to protect it from water and dust ingress.






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