Opticon OPC-3301i

The OPC-3301i is a wireless Bluetooth scanner, which improves efficiency over cabled scanners. It can be connected to any device and is Apple MFI certified. Workers in service environments, kiosks, store counters, warehouses and retail use the OPC-3301i to streamline their workflow and efficiency.


The OPC-3301i has a sleek, modern design that makes it look great on any counter or desk. The scanner has is armed with a CCD engine that scans up to 300 scans per second. It is lightweight at only 120 grams and is IP 42 resistant. If you’re looking for a fast and stylish Bluetooth scanner, the OPC-3301i is the solution.


  • Scans 1D barcodes
  • Bluetooth
  • Apple MFI certified
  • Modern design
  • Lightwieght





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