M3 UL10 Mobile Computer


The M3 UL10 Mobile Terminal has been designed specifically for Warehouse application.
Made to take the knocks and rough handling inherent in the Warehouse and Logistics environment, the UL10 has an IP68 rating, can withstand drops from 1.8metres and will operate in sub-zero temperatures.
The VGA/QVGA Blanview display provides screen visability inside or out and a choice of keypad with enlarged buttons allows for ease of use with gloved hands.

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Key features:

833MHz CPU (Cortex-A8)
Windows CE 6.0
1D/2D/ Long Range Scanner
Bluetooth Class II v2.0
802.11 a/b/g/n
IP65 – 1.8m Drop
37 or 55 Key
3.0MP Camera
3.5 Inch QVGA / VGA Display




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