M3 Mobile SL10K Series

The M3 Mobile SL10K Mobile Computer is a compact and portable mobile computer with a physical keypad for intensive data entry. It prioritizes portability but also delivers powerful performance with a 1.44 GHz quad-core processor running on Android 8.1.










The SL10K is portable and easy-to-use on long shifts. With a 4″ touchscreen, slim profile and lightweight frame, you can take the SL10K anywhere you need.


M3 Mobile designed the SL10K to be extremely portable without compromising performance. It comes equipped with a 1.44 GHz processor running Android 8.1, giving you the power and flexibility to run your software with ease. It also comes equipped with a fast and reliable 2D imager.


Ruggedness is essential when it comes to enterprise handhelds. The SL10K is as tough as you need, with a 1.2 m drop spec or 1.5 m with the protective boot, and IP65 sealing. 


The SL10K has a range of accessories available to widen its functionality. The accessories include a protective boot, a charging cradle and a pistol grip.



SL10K Accessories















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