Opticon M-10

The M-10 is a great solution for point of sale applications. It is an omnidirectional presentation scanner, meaning it can read barcodes in front of it from any angle. The M-10 is equipped with a highly advanced 2D CMOS imager. It is beautifully designed and effortless to use, making it ideal solution for a stationary POS scanner.



The M-10 is an outstanding stationary scanner. It has an automatic triggering mode with a speed of 60 fps so all you need to do is move the barcode in front of the scanner. It is also designed to be durable with an IP52 rating and drop resistance of 1.5 meters to concrete. The M-10 looks at home on any checkout counter with its modern design and is available in black or white.


  • Omni-directional scanning capability
  • Fast scanning with 60 fps
  • Hands free
  • Great design
  • IP 52 rated





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