Denso AT20

Hybrid scanner corresponding to both QR Codes and barcodes. High-speed scanning to improve your work efficiency.


Scanning Performance

denso at 20
High-speed shutter and readability from any direction (360 degree)

Improve your work efficiency with the high-speed shutter that is immune to camera shake, and the ability to read barcodes from any direction.

denso at20

Wide-angle scanning, improved readability

The number of horizontal pixels is increased and readability is improved for scanning wide barcodes such as public utility and medical bills.

denso at20

Improved resolution useful for various businesses

The newly developed reading engine enabled 0.125 mm resolution for 1D barcodes and 0.167 mm for 2D barcodes. The scanner can be used for a wide range of businesses such as operations of plants, hospitals and shops.

denso at20

Multi-row barcodes can be read at one time

The scanner can read two-row barcodes of books and up to three-row barcodes, which saves you time and money.




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