BHT-BASIC 4.0 Development Pack

A software package required for the development of BHT applications

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A software package required for the development of BHT applications

Software Tool for Developing Applications
This BHT-BASIC4.0 Development Pack contains the complete software programs required for developing applications for the BHT Series scanners. You can start a development at right using the provided software and accessory products described below.
BHT-BASIC 4.0 Compiler (including BHT-BASIC3.6)
BHT-BASIC 4.0 Remote Debugger (debugging BHT-BASIC3.6 is enabled)
BHT-BASIC 4.0 Transfer Utility (including BHT-Ir protocol)
PC-BHT cable (RS232C)
Easy-To-Develop Programming Language
Since a BASIC language based on the Microsoft MS-BASIC ideal for handy terminals is used, this development package offers features unique to a barcode reader just with one command. Included in the package are commands and functions exclusively used for barcode reading and data reception/transmission. Since this BHT-BASIC operates in the interpreter environment, reliable operation free from expected failures such as breakdown or memory destruction caused by a potential programming error is realized.
Expanded Functions
Basic elements of conventional BHT-BASIC3.6 programs, such as a size of program and data file, variable and label length, are largely extended, which all together will help give much more flexibility in developing a program.1
High Compatibility
You can compile a source program written by BHT-BASIC3.x without a change using the BHT-BASIC4.0 compiler.2

However, these expansions apply only to the BHT-300 Series scanners. The BHT-7000/BHT-7500/BHT-8000/BHT-100 Series still use the existing BHT-BASIC3.6 basic elements.


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