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Benefits of Wearable Computers and Scanners


Benefits of Wearable Computers and Scanners

January 11, 2019

A new frontier is opening in barcode scanning technology. Unitech has pioneered wearable scanning technology, enabling users to scan and process barcodes while leaving both hands free for work. This technology has the potential to improve productivity in retail, logistics, field service and hospitality.

Top Benefits

1. Improved efficiency

Having wearable scanning technology saves employee time in stock-tacking and other scanning activities.

2. Increased versatility

Standard scanners and terminals keep one or more hands occupied. With wearable technology, the user still has both hands free, enabling him or her to do more complex tasks while still having the scanner available.

3. Enhanced safety

Workers have both hands free, making accidents less likely.

Top Products

MS652 Wearable Scanner

When it comes to wearable scanners, the Unitech MS652 provides everything you need. Its varied features include scanning ability for 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It has changeable and rechargeable batteries making for battery life of up to 13 hours.


WD100 Wearable Computer

With close integration with the MS652, the WD100 wearable computer provides a completely hands-free scanning system. It has a 4” HD, glove-compatible touch screen, as well as an 8MP camera for data capture.



Contact our specialists team to learn more about how Unitech wearable scanning technology can improve your workflow.


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Launching the NEW Military Grade Unitech TB85

Unitech TB85

Launching the NEW Military Grade Unitech TB85

January 12, 2019


Tough working environments demand rugged and powerful devices to meet their needs. Unitech has risen to meet those challenges with the new, military grade TB85 rugged tablet. It combines a powerful processor with versatile features, beautiful design, long battery life and extreme durability for serious working environments.



The TB85 has what it takes to handle drops, dust and water damage. With a 1.2 meter drop to marble spec, you can have peace of mind knowing it can handle drops on even hard surfaces. It is also IP67 rated, making it resistant to dust and is also capable of surviving submersion in meter-deep water for half an hour. No matter what’s thrown at it, the TB85 keeps going.



Lag and delays mean lost time and money. With a 2.2 Ghz Octa-core processor, the TB85 works quickly and effortlessly, so nothing slows down the work that needs to done.



Different working environments mean different needs. The TB85 has the versatility you need, running Android 8.0 Oreo, making it compatible with new apps. It also has an optional scanning module to provide powerful built-in scanning capability.



You need a device that can last the whole the day. With a 8200 mAh changeable Li-ION battery, the TB85 can last as long as you need. It is also unbelievably light at 650 grams, making it easier to work all day.



With these powerful features, its price is surprisingly low at £600. We also offer special reseller and partner discounts. Contact our sales representatives today for more information.



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Introducing the Unitech EA500/EA502 Series: The Ideal Solution for Couriers & Delivery Drivers

Introducing the Unitech EA500/EA502 Series: The Ideal Solution for Couriers & Delivery Drivers

January 3, 2019

Delivery drivers have a demanding job. They need to work quickly and efficiently with a device that is fast and responsive. They need a device that won’t run out of battery or break if dropped or exposed to water. They need a device that can use the latest apps and has integrated scanning capability to maximize their workflow. They need a device that works as hard as they do.

Introducing the Unitech EA500/502 series, the ideal solution for couriers and delivery drivers.

Powerful Processor

Speed is everything in the logistics industry and the EA 500 and 502 are lightning fast. They boast a 1.4 GHz Quad-Core processor with the option to upgrade to an Octa-Core 1.4 GHz, enabling a user to run multiple tasks without slowing down. They pack an impressive 2GB of RAM, which provides the processing power to minimize lag in the working environment, so delivery drivers can get on with the work that really matters.

All-Day Battery Life

There are few things worse for a delivery driver than having a device run out of battery halfway through the day. You don’t have to worry about that with the EA 500/502. Their 3800mAh Li-ION battery lasts 10-12 hours non-stop. In addition to this, vehicle mounts are available for vehicle charging.

Rugged and Durable

Unloading deliveries in working environments can be rugged work and accidents happen. Delivery drivers need a device that can handle the hazards of working environments. The EA 500 and 502 can withstand whatever is needed. Both have been tested to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete. The units are also IP67 rated against dust and water, meaning they’ve been submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for half an hour and kept working.


Modern Operating System

Mobile computers often run on older operating systems, making it difficult to use the latest apps or find custom software. Not so with the EA500 and 502, which run Android 7 Nougat, giving you the flexibility to use your device to its maximum capacity.

Integrated Scanning

Delivery drivers need to scan dozens of barcodes a day to provide proof of delivery. They need a device with powerful and seamless scanning. The EA 500 uses the built-in Scan Cam to capture barcodes and the EA 502 has a powerful built-in scanner which can capture all standard 1D and 2D barcodes. To maximize efficiency, a pistol grip accessory is available, to make scanning even smoother and more seamless.

Additional Benefits

The EA 500/2 provide the key features delivery drivers need. In addition to everything mentioned, key features include:

  • 16 GB ROM
  • MicroSD slot / TF expansion (up to 32GB storage capacity)
  • HF/NFC RFID reader/Writer
  • GPS
  • High Res 8.0 MP camera (13.0 MP in the EA 502)
  • Bluetooth
  • Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • 3G / 4G LTE connectivity

Product Profiles

For more information on each unit, view our pages for the EA 500 and the EA 502 series mobile computers.

Unbelievable Pricing

Working in partnership with Unitech, we strive to provide the best value possible for our customers. Professional mobile scanning terminals are a big investment in a business. The EA 500 provides a low-cost solution that does it all, starting at as little as £300 per unit.

Start Today

If the EA 500/2 sound perfect for you, we’re happy to help. We provide on-site product demos and consultation for your business’s needs. We also work with independent software companies, so we can help you develop custom software to perfectly match your company’s needs. The units are available in stock on a next day shipping service.


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Launching the DENSO SP1 Series


Launching the New DENSO SP1 Series RFID Sled

December 18, 2018

The way we buy is changing rapidly. With e-commerce growing daily, retailers need to modernize their processes to maximize efficiency and stay competitive. Enter Radio Frequency Identification scanning.

A study from the University of Leicester found that using RFID led to a boost in sales for retailers of 1.5-5.5% and increased inventory accuracy by 20 to 30%. Retailers need scanning technology that can keep up with the times.

World-Leading Scanning Performance

Introducing the DENSO SP1 Series RFID sled. Connect an iOS or Android device by scanning a QR code and you’re ready to take your stock control to the next level.

The SP1 provides world-leading scanning performance of 700 tags a second and an 8-meter scanning distance. It reads 1D and 2D barcodes with ease. Cut stocktaking time by up to 50% compared to previous models.

Built-in Memory

The memory function sets the SP1 apart from other RFID sleds. If the pairing with the host device is broken, the scanned data is saved locally in the SP1.

Ordinary devices do not store data. If the Bluetooth connection is lost during use, the scanned data may get lost. The SP1 stores up to 80,000 tags and 1,000 barcodes in its built-in memory so the unsent data can easily retransmit. – Viv Bradshaw, Technology Consultant at DENSO

Accidents do happen and it’s important to have equipment that can handle the stresses of the workplace. The SP1 RFID sled can survive up to 30 falls of 1.2 meters and is IP54 certified against water and dust.

Comfortable Long-Term Working

When working long hours, it’s important to have a lightweight and easy to use device so employees can work at their best. The SP1 series is lightweight at 400 grams and ergonomically designed for comfort, maximizing efficiency even near the end of a shift.

The combination of outstanding reading performance and the most suitable RFID tag for the environment ensures maximised efficiency. And thus, we are very excited to present our new SP1 RFID sled to our customers and potential new clients. – Viv Bradshaw

The DENSO SP1 RFID sled can take your business to the next level. Contact us for a Product Demo.


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Zebra TC25: The Rugged Smartphone For Business

Zebra TC25

Zebra TC25: The Rugged Smartphone For Business

The popularity of mobile devices, most especially the smartphone is not waning. Faster communications, real time information and applications that make everyday tasks such as paying for parking or booking an appointment faster and easier are clear reasons why.


Utilisation of the consumer smartphone for work has steadily been increasing alongside the overall popularity of the device. The multipurpose nature of the smartphone and the Android OS has clear applications for the business world. Emails, voice communications and calendar management are some of the easier crossover usages. (Deloitte, 2017)


However, what the “off the shelf “consumer smartphone cannot always deliver is a device capable of boosting productivity and efficiency of work processes in a work ready form factor.


Zebra have the answer with the TC25 Rugged Smartphone.


Designed with the mobile worker in mind – a perfect blend of smartphone simplicity and business class features.




Running Android Nougat 7.X; a familiar interface your workers will instantly recognise from their own smartphones. Training is limited, productivity and task efficiency maximised right from the start. With a range of apps at your fingertips through Zebra’s Mobility DNA ecosystem the TC25 is ready to help you streamline work processes and provide outstanding security and OS support (LifeGuard for Android).




Save time scanning with an enterprise class scanner; omni-directional and fast, capture 1D and 2D barcodes in practically any condition and even on mobile screens from up to 30 inches away (model dependant). More work, more efficiency, more happy customers.




Incorporating a high capacity 3000 mAh battery that can last a full shift (10hrs), and charges in under 4 hours.


Zebra understands that mobile workers are always on the go, time is precious and sometimes putting a device on charge doesn’t happen. With the optional PowerPack Battery – crisis averted: just snap on the TC25 for an additional 8-10 hours of battery life. For complete efficiency and lower total cost of ownership all cradle options, holsters and the hand straps are supported with or without the PowerPack.


The TC25 can keep working as long as you do.




The TC25 doubles as a walkie-talkie with Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Pro. Operating on virtually any cellular and Wi-Fi network employees can connect where ever they are. Additional features include secure text messaging, real-time map positioning.


Bluetooth 4.2 BLE give users great performance for Bluetooth headsets and printers. Operating on 802.11ac means that for voice and data, wherever you are, your device will utilise the fastest connection possible.


Supporting 4G and VoLTE, make and receive calls with exceptional voice clarity and fast connections deliver optimal application performance. Process mission critical information first time and ensure work processes are completed efficiently.




The thin, lightweight and damage resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display and imager window provide ultimate protection and durability. IP65 rated for complete dust ingress and short periods of immersion in water. Drop tested from 1.2 metres to concrete and operable at -10 degrees centigrade to 50 degrees centigrade.


The TC25 can handle it all.