Network Infrastructure

Point-to-Point Links

Point-to-Point wireless links are a practical solution to connecting multiple buildings or sites without the need for wired connection. In situation where wired connection is impractical or costly, Point-to-Point links enable wireless connection across distances from 100-150km with transfer speeds up to 1Gbps.
Superior Bandwidth
PtP enables scalability within your network. Your bandwidth can grow with your business, allowing greater limits over traditional wired connections.
Low Latency
When compared with wired connections which may face latency and noise interruptions, wireless networks allow for noiseless and faster communication.
Installation Time
Fibre Optic and traditional data cabling installation is a time-consuming process which can cause disruption to the premises in question. Wireless solutions are relatively quick to install and can take weeks as opposed to months to implement.
Simple Network Integration
Wireless network solutions retain several cost saving benefits through the ease of implementation and access to equipment. When extending or repairing networks via wired connections, a lot of preparation and labor is required to access the cabling. In contrast, wireless equipment is easier to access and work with, making for simpler integration and modification.

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