Network Infrastructure

Network Design

We are specialists in the design and implementation of network infrastructure. With over 10 years experience in industry we can deliver professional and effective network solutions to clients across various industries.
We undertake a comprehensive design of your network prior to deployment, using logical maps of the infrastructure design, cabling structure and architecture. We can quickly quote to you the quantity, type and location of requred networking devices.
Based on the layout and infrastructure of your site we can provide optimal placement recommendations for your chosen hardware. We can undertake a full site survey at your location to plan out the most efficent network design for your business.
Our in house team of networking professionals can stage your networking equipment at our HQ so that your equipment arrives at site pre configured, and can be managed through our cloud controler from the web based dashboard.
From access points to network switches, we can recommend the most suitable hardware for your project, at the best price. We offer a range of equipment from competatively priced consumer items to professional enterprise grade kit.

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