Why MDM?
The Mobile Device revolution has transformed the way businesses operate. Deploying a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution greatly improves the security and efficiency of mobile devices for business uses. MDM empowers you to enroll, monitor, lock down and remotely access all your mobile, IoT and wearable devices as well as desktops and laptops, all from a single location.
SOTI provides cutting edge solutions for business mobile and IoT devices. Thousands of companies around the world rely on SOTI for innovative MDM services. They work closely with top mobile device manufacturers to provide MDM solutions. SOTI One gives you the complete, integrated solution for business mobility. It seamlessly connects all your mobility programs and makes your workflow simpler, faster and more reliable.
SOTI Mobicontrol
SOTI MobiControl provides complete security and management to optimize performance. Quickly and easily enroll your companies’ mobile devices and IoT endpoints. Enable secure access to your companies critical documents with secure content management. MobiControl provides powerful device management for both Apple and Android.
42 Gears
More than 10,000 companies in 115 countries use 42 Gears for secure mobile deployment. 42 Gears provides MDM solutions for any business with versatile software and support. Their MDM system is purpose-built for tablets, smartphones, rugged devices, laptops and wearables. They pride themselves in providing a high level of customer service and technical support.
Unified Endpoint Management
The mobile device revolution has brought a wide range of new devices including IoT, wearable, mobile and rugged devices with a wide range of form factors. The management of these devices calls for a unified solution that can connect with all endpoints. 42 Gears UEM enables you to manage Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux devices all from a single machine.
Expert Support
Mobile technology is proven to improve the efficiency of workplace tasks. With new technology comes new innovations but also new problems. We help you overcome the obstacles and offer expert advice and support in planning, hosting and supporting the right MDM for your needs.
  • Soti Assist
    Mobile technology is proven to improve the efficiency of workplace tasks. With new technology comes new innovations but also new problems. SOTI Assist empowers companies to solve those problems faster than ever before. Help desk personnel have remote view, remote control and file syncing capabilities to quickly fix device problems. SOTI Assist provides impressive capabilities with compatibility with over 170 hardware manufacturers with remote control for Android, Linux and Windows and remote view for iOS.

  • Soti Snap
    Your business has unique processes and needs. SOTI Snap empowers you to create custom applications fast to optimize your workflow. Benefit from a cross platform, no coding required app development with SOTI snap. Streamline your data entry with barcoding scanning, photos, NFC tags and geolocation. Easily add rich media such as sound, images and videos. Best of all, SOTI Snap integrates with Assist and MobiControl to ensure easy deployment and support.

  • Pocket Controller
    SOTI Pocket Controller is an advanced Help Desk solution for mobile devices. It enables real-time remote control, file and data transfer, registry editing, remote task management remote scripting, system status, battery status and soft and hard device resets.

  • Rugged Device Management
    Industries such as logistics, construction and healthcare rely on rugged mobile devices to match their tough working environments. 42 Gears offers management solutions for a range of rugged devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and handhelds. 42 Gears MDM offers enhanced security, alerts and device provisioning for Android and Windows devices. The admin can also get real-time information on devices’ location, call log, network status and battery level. The remote helpdesk enables remote control of devices’ screens.

  • Bring Your Own Device
    BYOD allows employees to access corporate programs and information from their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops. With SureMDM, IT admins can allow access to end users for approved apps. Employees can easily access company email, content, apps, calendar and intranet with an encrypted container on the device. BYOD enables greater flexibility and efficiency for business processes.

  • Wearable Management
    Wearable technology is the latest innovation in mobile technology, adding even more efficiency and flexibility. For business purposes, it’s vital to be able to track and secure wearable devices. 42 gears empowers companies to harness the potential of wearable devices. Features include app whitelisting, enterprise messaging, device stats monitoring, single app mode, custom watch faces, location tracking, rapid device enrollment and custom UI.

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