Businesses have a lot riding on the health of their networks. Monitoring a typical modern network is a complex process and can become impractical for most to keep records of network configuration, compliance and capacity. We provide extensive infrastructure audits to provide visibility into the performance of a network.
Network Health Check
Infrastructure audits provide extensive insight into the performance of hardware, software and network. Any identified issues will be addressed with expert advice on the best avaiLable solutions.
Improve Network Operations
With a solid understanding of the network our engineers can suggest optimisations to get the most out of your network with existing equipment or highlight areas that require upgrades to meet your organisation's requirements.
Identify Security Risks
Security flaws will be highlighted in the findings, allowing you to identify all devices on the network, locate routers, switches and access points to identify weak points in the system.
Asset Inventory
The audit we perform will provide a network asset inventory detailing the type, quantity and age of the devices used through the network infrastructure.

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