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Fibre Optic Cabling

Increasing demand for high speed connectivity has led to businesses requiring an infrastructure that can both meet current demand and support scalability. The solution for businesses, landlords and property owners alike is the installation of a fibre optic network. Our engineer’s are experts and experienced in the installation and testing of fibre optic networks.
Increased Transfer Speed
Fibre Optics utilise light to transmit information through a glass filament or core, which enables data transfers up to 31% faster than copper and across distances of 2,000 metres without signal degradation.
The flexibility of greater transmission speeds and reliability of fibre optics allow your network infrastructure to cope with increasing demands over time, allowing you to future proof you business.
Whilst previously almost double the cost of traditional copper cables, fibre optics are increasingly becoming more cost effective. Once additional costs to basic copper cabling such as shielding and specialised enclosures are factored in, the difference in cost between copper and fibre is significantly reduced.
Durability & Safety
Fibre cables are able to endure harsh weather conditions and environments that copper cabling would otherwise require additional shielding, making it the first choice for a durable infrastructure. The nature of fibre optics also means that the risk of spark related hazards that copper cables pose are removed, eliminating safety concerns in industries that require extensive security.

Installation Types

Single-mode Fibre Optic Cabling

Single-mode fibre optic cabling is suitable for long distance installations as there is only one path which light can travel through. The single path improves data transfer by reducing the risk of data degradation over distances. Though the bandwidth is limited when compared to multi-mode installations, these types are fibre optic cables are best suited for greater distance coverage. This installation type is best suited for premises that span wide distances such as public places, universities, data centres, etc.

Multi-mode Fibre Optic Cabling

Multi-mode fibre optic cabling contains multiple pathways for light to travel, thus allow for greater data transmission and bandwidth. This installation type is best suited for location’s that do not require great distance coverage (500 meters +) yet require high bandwidth and speed.

Our expert engineers are experienced in the installation of fibre optic cabling across various commercial sites. We utilise the best and most current practices to guarantee optimal performance from cabling infrastructure.

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