WiFi Surveys

What is a WiFi survey?

A WIFI site survey is a crucial step in the process of planning, design and implementation of a wireless network across a site or location.
Though there are different forms of WIFI site surveys, most will investigate potential sources of interference, optimal routing paths and required access points. This, in most cases, looks at the size of the site in question, the required capacity of the network, any existing infrastructure, the necessary coverage needed, and the construction materials present within the premises.
Our Approach
Our services include a full scope approach, starting with an extensive site audit and consultancy. This allows our team of expert engineers to create any diagnostic reports regarding the existing network traffic, the compatibility and suitability of existing network infrastructure and any key considerations for optimisation.
Detailed Work
Within the site survey our engineers will identify and examine existing infrastructure and determine its suitability for scalability and adequate function. We work closely with our clients to gain further insight into the priority of the network capacity, allowing us to design a bespoke network that caters to specific needs.
Why should I have a site survey?

Extensive experience in performing wireless surveys

We are able to produce full network designs, from site auditing and networking analysis, to wide-scale implementation of 802.11 WLAN networks capable of handling any organisation’s needs. A wireless site survey allows us to identify any key issues within the network, including sources of interference or potential obstacles and propose effective solutions to better optimise the infrastructure.
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