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Syntec provide a full range of mobile devices and automation products from truck mounted terminals and mobile computing, RFID, Barcode Scanning, Barcode Printing technologies to enterprise grade wireless infrastructure supporting VoIP, location services, video & CCTV. Use the very latest technologies in order to streamline and automate warehouse processes.

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  1. Casio ITG400 Android Rugged Device

    CASIO IT-G400

    The Casio IT-G400 is a smart rugged business Android handheld device, ergonomically designed to be operated easily and without effort.

    The CASIO IT-G400 mobile computer is a full-touch handheld with the latest Android operating system, opens up new fields of application in industry, retail, logistics and services. The device contains components that have already been proven to be top-class in handhelds and features built in barcode scanning technology.

    **Each kit includes; HA-R21LBAT High Capacity Battery, Charge Cable, Screen Protector and Stylus**

    Contact us for a trial device, onsite demonstration or project pricing

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    Denso SE1 Bluetooth Wireless Scanner

    The Denso SE1 Series wireless 1D/2D scanner is a great, easy to use portable companion scanner ideal for use with smart devices.

    Available in either the 1D CDD model (SE1-BB) or the 2D Imager (SE1-QB) this bluetooth, battery powered device will facilitate efficient data entry for your field workers.

    Full of the features you need, in a small, lightweight form factor the SE1 series scanner is an affordable addition to any business.


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  3. M3 UL10 NUMERIC - 37 KEY

    M3 UL10

    The M3 UL10 Mobile Terminal has been designed specifically for Warehouse application.
    Made to take the knocks and rough handling inherent in the Warehouse and Logistics environment, the UL10 has an IP68 rating, can withstand drops from 1.8metres and will operate in sub-zero temperatures.
    The VGA/QVGA Blanview display provides screen visability inside or out and a choice of keypad with enlarged buttons allows for ease of use with gloved hands.

    Listed below are just a selection of the 48 different models available - M3 can offer you a unit specific to your requirements.
    If you cant see what you want please call and speak to a member of staff today.

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  4. metric allegro portrait

    metric allegro Portrait Handheld Terminal

    The metric allegro is a device designed specifically for retail and field applications, which are typically scan intensive environments.

    To optimise worker output the terminal is light weight and the keypad has been ergonomically designed to facilitate easy one handed operations. In addition the IP65 rating ensures the terminal is robust and capable of operating in demanding environments. These features combined with the connectivity options available will enable the mobile worker to work in real time and efficiently fulfil their daily activities.

    With a choice of 4 different specifications there is a model to suit your requirements and budget.

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  5. allegro LSi

    metric allegro LSi Smart Handheld

    Optimise your workforce with the allegro LSi smart handheld from metric, an ergonically designed handheld terminal featuring a unique landscape 3.7" TFT VGA touch screen.

    The allegro LSi provides maximum flexibility; with a host of features to choose from you can have a device best suited to your needs. The model specifications fall into  three categories; Standard, LTE and Full Feature.

    Standard units: come with a 1D integrated laser scanner, 28 key alphanumberic keyboard, 3.7" colour touchscreen, external SD-Card slot, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN and blutetooth.

    LTE units: have all the same features as the standard units but with a 5MP camera and LTE-module allowing for faster internet connectivity.

    Full Feature units: these models have all the functionality of the LTE model PLUS GPS and NFC to help increase efficiencies in stocking and merchandising.

    All models are available in either a Windows CE 2013 or Android 4.2 Operating System.

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  6. Denso BHT-1500 1D Barcode Handheld Terminal

    Denso BHT-1500

    The New Denso BHT-1500 series has a light, compact and highly portable body weighing just 128 grams. The ergonomically designed handheld barcode terminal sits comfortably in your hand and well positioned keys enable even single handed use.

    Available in two models; Batch (BHT-1505B) and Bluetooth (BHT-1505BB), the BHT-1500 has many features with its unique scanning angle, contoured body, light weight material and large 2.0 inch QVGQ screen it is suitable to many aplications.

    The Bluetooth model is a great addition to any retail space; the handset can be paired to any tablet, smartphone or POS unit for efficient data transfer. The Batch device (BHT-1505B) sits comfortably in the hand for all day booking in and out of units in a Warehouse facility. The unique scan angle and large screen assist the user for easy operability and maximum productivity.


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  7. M3 Mobile OX-10P - HF RFID

    M3 Mobile OX-10P - HF RFID

    The M3 OX-10P HF is a fully industiral rugged PDA that is operational from -20 degrees to 60 degrees, is IP65 rated which idndicates a high level of water and shock resistance and withstands drops to concrete of 1.8 metres. 
    The user friendly operating system; Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5  provides a highly intuitive graphical user interface and the 802.11b/g/n and HSPA+ makes the M3 OX-10P HF RFID suitable for all working environments.

    Included in the Box:

    Standard Battery
    Ac Cord
    USB Cable

    QWERTY keyboard options also available at no additional cost.

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  8. CASIO IT-G500

    CASIO IT-G500

    The Casio IT-G500 is a smart rugged business handheld device, ergonomically designed to be operated easily and without effort.

    Focused on the user the IT-G500 is a slim yet rugged handheld device weighing only 270g and comes with a choice of three battery covers to suit personal preference, has a non-slip surface on the rear of the unit and is IP67 rated. 

    The IT-G500 has combined the robust attributes required to operate in harsh environments with the technology and features essential for any mobile worker.
    With a choice of seven models there is a unit for every user. 

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  9. M3 SM10

    M3 SM10 Android Rugged Mobile PDA with Integrated Barcode Reader

    The SM10 is the latest Android Rugged Mobile PDA with integrated barcode readers from M3 Mobile.

    The SM10 is a fantastically priced industrial android mobile computer with the option of an integrated 1D or 2D barcode scanner in a 'smartphone' like design.

    With the SM10, M3 Mobile are addressing consumer concerns relating to smartphone durability especially in the Industrial sector. However they are still offering a product that users will have familiarity with; an 'all screen device' comparable to most smartphones on the market today.

    The SM10 has a 5 inch Full Touch LCD screen made with Gorilla Glass 3 and IP65 protective boot combined with a 6,150mAh battery which ensures the SM10 will carry on working even in the toughest environments.

    Contact us today for reseller pricing, project pricing or to book a demonstration

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  10. Casio DT-X200 Rugged Handheld Terminal

    Casio DT-X200

    As UK Distributor for Casio, Syntec introduces the latest Casio handheld pda to market.

    The Casio DT-X200 is the sucessor to the DTX8 and is equipped with a shock-resistant design and is tough enough to withstand a drop up to 3.0 metres. The screen of the Casio DT-X200 models has a plastic touch panel over the LCD, improving the device’s durability.The DT-X8 is compliant with IP67 dust/splash-proof standards and can be operated in temperatures as low as -20ºC. Accordingly, the Casio DT-X200 can operate with confidence in harsh conditions including dusty areas, all weather situations and low-temperature warehouses.

    With a Blanview® LCD, the Casio DT-X200 models feature a clear colour display that is highly visible both indoors and outdoors and boasts low power consumption. The product includes an array of features for application in all industry sectors including IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standard wireless LAN compatible with WPA2 security standards and Bluetooth® Version 2.0 (Class 2). In terms of scanning, the DT-X200-10E can scan 1D symbologies, while the DT-X200-20E can scan both 1D and 2D symbologies, providing users with options that meet their specific requirements.

    Key Features:

    • Integrated WLAN (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n standard wireless with WPA2 security standards)
    • Equipped with Bluetooth® Version 2.0 (Class 2)
    • Excellent durability: IP67 dust/splash-proof, withstands 3.0-metre drops and operates at subfreezing temperatures down to -20ºC
    • 5.9-cm (2.7-inch) Blanview® LCD realises both high visibility indoors and outdoors as well as low power consumption
    • Easy to hold and comfortable to use for long shifts
    • High speed 1D laser scanner or 2D CMOS imager for accurate barcode scanning
    • Long Range Imager Option now available
    • NFC & RFID Options
    • Scan verification with sound, LED or vibration
    • Loaded with a file system for protecting the data from being lost when the battery runs out
    • Fitted with a slot for microSD and microSDHC cards to enable larger storage capacity
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