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Asset Management using RFID in Warehouses in Midlands and the UK

RFID technology delivers warehouses in the Midlands and the UK with competitive advantage.
Utilising RFID readers and tag technology provides warehouse and logistics businesses with real time asset and inventory control which streamlines operations, minimises stock holding costs, minimises labour costs and improves customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of RFID in Warehouses

  • Real time Inventory Control and Asset tracking

    The process of managing a complex virtual distribution network with inventory at trading partner depots, on the road, on the loading dock and inside the four walls of your warehouse or Distribution Centre is critical to the success of your business. Improve this process and you can improve your profits.

  • Accurate Inventory Tracking

    RFID solutions provide up-to-the-second inventory levels enabling faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock. Ensure your management have the data they need, when they need it to make the decisions that improve profitability and cut cost.

  • Reduced Labour costs

    Using RFID scanners and RFID tags, decrease primary warehouse worker functions across inventory management through to pick/pack/ship and put away. Speed up process using RFID readers and cut out costly time consuming, labour intensive processes.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Improve customer loyalty by ensuring the right goods reach the right customer at the right time. Solve problems upstream and ensure your distribution chain efficiency is maximised by avoiding and reducing shipping errors at pick and pack.

  • Reduced stock holding costs

    With more accurate inventory tracking, use RFID to reduce your inventory and streamline your distribution chain.

RFID Warehouse Solutions

Zebra RFID Printers

Every RFID solution starts with RFID tags. With our RFID printers, you can create whatever you need, from small item-level hang tags for apparel, case and pallet labels to photographic quality RFID-enabled identity cards. And with our advanced proprietary technologies, you can be sure that every tag you print is encoded with the right data.
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Zebra RFID Fixed Position Readers

Whether you need handheld, hands free or fixed position RFID readers for industrial spaces or customer facing areas, we’ve got a reader that is just right for your environment.
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Zebra RFID Handheld Mobile Readers

Empower your mobile workforce with the technology that streamlines process and manages your assets in real time. Real time data capture and real time data processing means your management are always in control. Rugged mobile computers operate in extreme temperatures, are designed to withstand drops, dust and water and come with extended battery life.
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Zebra RFID UHF Sled

With the Zebra RFD8500 RFID Sled, customers can empower select Zebra and certain third-party mobile devices with enterprise-class UHF RFID and 1D/2D bar code scanning technology, whenever and wherever it's needed—simply, easily, and cost-effectively. Just pair the sled and mobile device and then attach to the RFD8500 for a one-piece solution.
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Zebra RFID Antenna

With our complete portfolio of antennas, you can boost the performance of our RFID readers from the point-of-sale to the dock door.
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