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Benefits of Long-Range Scanning

Benefits of Long-Range Scanning

January 14, 2019


Warehousing technology is in a period of change. Innovative new technologies have transformed warehouse procedures. It can be difficult to keep up with the pace of change, but some new innovations provide the opportunity to save time and improve the accuracy of stock-taking procedures.


One of the major issues with warehouse stock tacking is scanning items on the upper shelves. With short-range scanners, you have to get within inches of each product to scan them, wasting valuable time using lifts to get to each and every product. The solution is to implement long-range scanners into your workflow. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using long-range scanners.



One key benefit of long-range scanning is time savings. Time is money in any industry. If you can save time through technology, it gives you a competitive edge. Long range scanners can scan barcodes from as far away as 70 feet. Warehouse workers can quickly and easily scan dozens of items within their range. Warehouse workers can quickly and easily scan dozens of items within their range.



With long range scanners, you can read barcodes with ease in dimly-lit situations, covered with clear-wrap or even damaged barcodes. In addition, some long-range scanners can read multiple barcodes with one trigger pull.


One powerful feature is omnidirectional scanning. The beam doesn’t need to be lined up with the barcode. Long-range scanners can read barcodes from any angle giving you even more flexibility and saving time.


Long range scanners can also function at short ranges, providing unprecedented versatility. This enables workers to perform a variety of tasks without having to switch device, meaning they can work without interruption, and the business ultimately saves money by investing in fewer pieces of kit.




Long-range scanners are built from the ground up for business. No need to worry about drops and other hazards that the warehouse environment throws at you.



A Range of Products

Two powerful options for long-range scanning are the Denso BHT-1700 and the Zebra MC3300. Both are high-quality products with a wide range of professional features.










Speak to an Expert

We’re experts in mobile and scanning technology and we’d be happy to help you optimize your warehousing workflow. We’re vendor agnostic, so we can meet with your business and demo a range of manufacturers. Our goal is to ensure you chose the right barcode technology for your business today and for the future.




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Benefits of Wearable Computers and Scanners


Benefits of Wearable Computers and Scanners

January 11, 2019


A new frontier is opening in barcode scanning technology. Unitech has pioneered wearable scanning technology, enabling users to scan and process barcodes while leaving both hands free for work. This technology has the potential to improve productivity in retail, logistics, field service and hospitality.



Top Benefits

1. Improved efficiency

Having wearable scanning technology saves employee time in stock-tacking and other scanning activities.


2. Increased versatility

Standard scanners and terminals keep one or more hands occupied. With wearable technology, the user still has both hands free, enabling him or her to do more complex tasks while still having the scanner available.


3. Enhanced safety

Workers have both hands free, making accidents less likely.



Top Products

MS652 Wearable Scanner

When it comes to wearable scanners, the Unitech MS652 provides everything you need. Its varied features include scanning ability for 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes. It has changeable and rechargeable batteries making for battery life of up to 13 hours.






WD100 Wearable Computer

With close integration with the MS652, the WD100 wearable computer provides a completely hands-free scanning system. It has a 4” HD, glove-compatible touch screen, as well as an 8MP camera for data capture.





Contact our specialists team to learn more about how Unitech wearable scanning technology can improve your workflow.



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Prepare for the Falsified Medicines Directive

Falsified Medicines Directive

Prepare for the Falsified Medicines Directive

December 13, 2018


The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) will come into effect in February 2019 and will impact over 400,000 pharmacies throughout Europe.


In the UK, it will impact 15,000 community pharmacies, 260 acute NHS hospitals, 190 private hospitals, 1,200 dispensing doctors, 7,500 GP practices and surgeries, 1,500 authorised wholesalers/distributors 790 market authorisation holders, and 66 million patients (Royal Pharmaceutical Society). Any company in the Pharmaceutical industry needs to be ready for the changes brought by the FMD.


The purpose of the FMD is to prevent illegal medicines from entering the supply chain, which could include medicines with the wrong ingredients or that have been tampered with.


The FMD will require that all new medicines will have to include two new safety features.


  • A Unique Identifier (UI)

The UI requires the use of a 2D barcode, which means your pharmacy may need to upgrade from 1D scanners


  • Anti-Tampering Device (ATD)

This is a sticker that ensures that the product package has not been opened before sale. The medicine cannot be sold if the ATD is broken.


The FMD will require pharmacies to authenticate products at the time of sale by visually checking the ATD and by scanning the UI for verification and decommissioning.


What does this mean for your business?

You will need to make sure that your scanning technology is up to date. Upgrading to 2D scanners will not only help with complying with the FMD but will also future proof your business as barcode technology continues to advance.


Speak to one of our barcoding specialists today




Here are our top recommendations for scanners that will comply with FMD:


Zebra DS2200 Series

A simple and affordable solution to 2D barcode scanning that comes with corded and cordless versions.


Zebra DS8100 Series

The ultimate in performance, innovation and manageability. Enquire about Zebra products.


Unitech MS352 Bluetooth 2D Kit

A very affordable and good value solution to cover all your needs. Enquire about Unitech products.


Denso AT20Q

Outstanding performance and high-speed scanning. Enquire about Denso products.


Opticon 2D L-46X

A fast hand scanner with a beautiful stand. Enquire about Opticon products.