Nordic ID are definitely getting something right when it comes to RFID projects and retail customers with almost two in three choosing Nordic ID for their Apparel RFID deployments across Europe.

The benefits or RFID for retail are well known; fast response to filling inventory gaps leads to significant growth in turnover, speeding up retail in-store processes making goods-in, inventory and locating goods a hundred times faster.

In proof of concept trials shop assistants count 250 items manually in an hour, whilst they could reach 25 000 items per hour with RFID.

Which device would Syntec recommend; the Nordic ID Medea is designed for quick, accurate and reliable data collection whether it is for purely barcode reading, short-range RFID reading or heavy-duty RFID inventory.

Of course there are a range of complementary products too such as fixed and area readers and even the Nordic ID Embedded RFID modules which are available for anyone wishing to build their own RFID reader solution.

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