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The Husky Collaboration

Posted on in News by Alex Lathwell

Syntechnologies are excited to announce a new distribution relationship with HUSKY Computers. Presenting a portfolio of tablet computers including the HUSKY 7 and the HUSKY 4 PRO, these units are the perfect tool for the outdoor mobile workforce. Dave Riley, Director says: “We are very …

In 2011, the amendment IEEE 802.11n enabled rollout of significantly more scalable WLANs that deliver 10-fold-greater data rates than previously possible, while ensuring compatibility with legacy systems. The changes to the protocol not only enable high bandwidth applications such as video to operate in a …

A growing number of coastal towns and communities in the UK and abroad are installing outdoor internet access that is free and available to locals and visitors. The availability of a secure, dependable outdoor internet connection that delivers fast download speeds allowing visitors to share …

Motorola AP 7181 Access Point

Posted on in Outdoor Wireless Mesh Wan Motorola Outdoor Wireless by Alex Lathwell

With acceptance of amendment IEEE 802.11n, the outdoor wifi industry can now rollout significantly more scalable outdoor WLANs that deliver 10-fold-greater data rates than previously possible. This is an exciting development and Motorola has invested a great deal of resource into developing a range of …

What is "Outdoor Wireless & Outdoor Wi-Fi"

Posted on in Outdoor Wireless by Alex Lathwell

The concept of secure internet access through a fast, reliable network that operates seamlessly indoors and outdoors is attractive to many individuals, businesses, organisations and communities. Outdoor wireless access to the internet or “outdoor wifi” is an industry still in its infancy, with many different …

Technology Joining Up Shop And Warehouse

Posted on in Barcode Scanners Retail Stores by Alex Lathwell

Providing customers visiting a bricks and mortar retail store with a seamless, joined up experience, poses a number of challenges to retailers. With multi channel shopping here to stay, retailers are looking to offer visiting shoppers an immersive experience that delivers the type of retail …

Barcode Scanners For Retail Stores

Posted on in Barcode Scanners Retail Stores by Alex Lathwell

As customers realign their expectations regarding the retail experience and come to expect a seamless transition between online browsing and store experience, so the need arises for technology to bridge this gap. According to OFCOM, the Independent Regulator and Competition Authority for the UK Communications …

Technology That Enhances Shoppers In Store Experience

Posted on in RFID by Alex Lathwell

As shoppers change their habits and engage in multi channel purchase activity, retailers are faced with the question of how to add value to an in-store retail experience. With so much information available online, why do shoppers need to visit a bricks and mortar store? …

Technology For Retail Staff

Posted on in Barcode Scanners Mobile Computing Retail Stores by Alex Lathwell

Creating an immersive experience for the shopper The traditional retail model has experienced a radical overhaul as the modern shopper adopts new technologies and regularly engages in multi channel purchase behaviour. For many retailers, this change in consumer behaviour has posed a number of complex …

The Retail Store of The Future

Posted on in Barcode Scanners Mobile Computing Retail Stores by Alex Lathwell

The changing use of technology As access to ecommerce technology across a range of computer browsers has developed, so too have we seen the need to visit bricks and mortar retail stores diminish. This changing retail landscape has posed many challenges to the traditional retail …

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