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Denso Handheld Devices | 2D Scanning in Retail Environments

Posted on in Barcode Scanners by Alix McGregor

Denso barcode scanners are reliable, robust, user friendly and versatile, all of which offer the benefit of boosting productivity in a retail environment. In this article we will concentrate on the benefits of using Denso’s 2D scanners and the 2D codes for voucher redemption in front of store environments.

Benefits of Denso Mobile | Scanning in Retail & Warehouse

Posted on in Denso Barcode Scanners by Alix McGregor

Denso leads the field in retail bar coding solutions that assist retailers in optimising stock management from warehouse to shop floor while minimising hardware downtime. Optimising the user experience has been a focus for Denso and these efforts have delivered rugged handheld devices that are comfortable to use, reliable, accurate in image and code pickup and devices that operate in ambient and cold storage spaces.

Yoyo Wallet is a cashless payment & loyalty system, creating a better customer experience via an app that simplifies payment and loyalty transactions.By using the Denso QK30 2D barcode scanner the Yoyo solution speeds up the checkout process. Yoyo Wallet and the Denso QK-30 2D barcode reader are revolutionising the way customers pay at the checkout.

Denso Wave, Inventors Of The QR Code Noninated For Inventor Award

Posted on in News by Alex Lathwell

The European Patent Office has nominated Masahiro Hara for the Inventor Award 2014 for the invention of the QR Code! The inventor Masahiro Hara and his team members Takayuki Nagaya, Motoaki Watabe, Tadao Nojiri, and Yuji Uchiyama have been nominated for the European Inventor Award …

Improve the Speed and Accuracy of retail & warehouse operations with mobile computing and Wi-Fi Technology Gain efficiencies through the use of Wi-Fi barcode data capture devices from Denso “The recent implementation of Denso Handheld Computers and Wi-Fi network into Nelsons main …

In the last two articles (Wearable computers have the power to revolutionise your business operations and Here’s how wearable mobile computers have the power to revolutionise your warehouse), we’ve discussed the benefits of wearable mobile technology in a warehouse environment. Now let’s take a look …

In the last Article, we discussed how today’s online retail environment means that speed is of the essence in reacting to customer requirements. We also discussed how wearable mobile computers can help an organisation to meet increasing demand for a rapid response service by making …

“Wearable computers” sound like something from the future. But the fact is, wearable technology is already with us and many organisations are already harnessing the benefits it brings in a retail warehouse environment. What are wearable computers? Wearable computers are mobile computers that attach to …

Syntec Appointed UK Distributor For M3

Posted on in News by Alex Lathwell

Syntec, the Midlands based distributor of mobile computing, scanning and w-fi equipment is excited to announce their distribution partnership with M3, offering our channel partners top quality pre and post sales service. Syntec, are an approved M3 repair centre, carrying spare parts and offering a …

Syntec Offers The latest 7" Durable Android Tablet

Posted on in News by Alex Lathwell

Compact and lightweight. Built on the Android v4.1 operating system, the Husky7 is only 12.4mm in depth! Yet it’s durable construction allows it to cope with the most challenging mobile environments. Supported by a 7” capacitive touch display with high integrity impact and fracture resistant Asahi glass, …

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